Heaven on Earth

Physical Healings


Knee/Leg Pain and Stiffness – Lorelei

After years of suffering with knee and leg pain, we began attending Vanguard Church where we learned about healing and the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. When I first asked for prayer, I experienced some relief, but Pastor Jessica said we should not settle for half of a healing. So, I continued to keep praying and receiving prayer from others.

At this time, my husband became very ill with pneumonia. I didn’t have time to go to physical therapy so my knee pain grew worse.

One night as I was leaving the hospital I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until I go to the next church function so someone can pray over my knees.” On the way home I started weeping so I cried out to the Lord, “God, You’ve got to heal my knees, Lord, because I can barely even move anymore!” I didn’t realize until a few days later that my knee pain was completely gone. It was a miracle.

I shared this miracle at my Life Group and one of the members wanted his knees healed too. We all prayed for him and his knees were healed too!

It’s been two months since this healing and the knee pain and stiffness never returned. One moment, after church the pain in my knee started coming back but I rebuked it and it left, and has not returned. Praise God!

I’ve found the closer you get to God, the more testimonies you have and that sharing testimonies with people encourages them. As I shared my testimony of knee healing, three other people asked for me to pray for their knees and God healed each of them as well!

Not sleeping well – Anonymous

For years, I was only sleeping 1-3 hours a night. The Holy Spirit revealed to me what I was dealing with and what I needed to declare over myself. Since then, I have been sleeping 5-8 hours every night!


Eye Cysts disappeared – Arlene

For the past seven years I’ve been being treated for Wet Macular Degeneration in my left eye. I get injections and scans regularly. For several months I’ve had cysts deep in the interior of my retina. A few Sundays ago we all prayed for one another in Church and I received prayer. When I went to the doctor all the cysts were completely gone! The doctor actually re-read the report aloud a few times, disbelief was in the tone of his voice. Hallelujah Lord!

Neck Pain – Kathleen

I have a colleague who had a lot of neck pain. She had swelling also and was getting injections in her neck. Holy Spirit kept telling me to pray for her but I was nervous and hesitant. After about three minutes of Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for her I asked her if I could pray for her. To my surprise, she agreed! I prayed for healing of the pain in her neck and for her to be able to sleep well that night. The next day I asked her how she felt and she told me her neck was better and she was able to sleep for more than eight hours!

Knee Joint Pain & Achilles – Paula

After receiving prayer my knees are completely healed! I went up and down the steps several times and I have not pain in the knee joints at all. Also, I had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic I took a long time ago that affected my Achilles. It is now completely healed.


Leg/Ankle – anonymous

There was a woman visiting the church who fell and hurt her leg/ankle. She was in pain; her friend came and got me to pray for her. I prayed and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. She said she felt the presence of Holy Spirit and then the pain left. She walked around and it was completely fine.

Shoulder Pain – anonymous

My husband woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in his right shoulder. I laid hands on his shoulder and we both felt the Holy Spirit’s power come. I didn’t even say very much because I was half asleep and groggy. But Holy Spirit took all the pain away completely.

Injured & Swollen Hand – anonymous

I prayed for a friend’s injured hand and all the swelling went down and the pain went away.

Wrist & Elbow surgery – anonymous

Five or six years ago I had surgery on my left wrist and elbow. Since the surgery I’ve had pain and a limited range of motion. I mentioned it to someone I work with and he prayed. Now I have no pain and a wide range of motion. Thank you God!

Kidney Stone Pain – Jessica

A Gentleman at church had severe kidney stone pain that began on a Monday. He was in bed and unable to eat. We prayed for him on Thursday and 50% of the pain went away immediately. In my mind I saw a picture of him eating dinner so I said, “By dinner tonight you will be pain free and your appetite will be restored.” He called me at 6pm to report that he was totally pain free and was hungry for the dinner he was about to eat.

Psoriasis – Jessica

My son had a patch of painful psoriasis on his head. I prayed and the pain went away instantly. His skin began to heal. The next morning, he said the patch was healed.

Headache/Migraine – Kathleen

I had a migraine headache for two days. On Sunday morning I took an aspirin in hopes of it going away. The pain was still there. While at church I asked Courtney to pray over my head. As she prayed I felt a coolness coming from her hands and flowing through my head. After she was finished praying, all the pain was completely gone.

Burn – Justine

I prayed for my housemate’s hand that got burned earlier in the day. While praying, I saw the burn begin to heal. New skin was forming and the redness started to disappear. After we were done praying I realized that God turned the burn into the shape of a heart. The burn healed in a number of days rather than it taking weeks.