Heaven on Earth

Emotional / Mental Healing


Fear and sadness – Angela

When I heard about Ramp I felt the Lord telling me to participate even though I was hesitant. My first prayer target I was believing for was healing. I have had health problems for many years now and I really wanted to experience a breakthrough in healing. But I felt God leading me to also pray to experience His love in deeper ways than I ever have. I realized that because of this long trial of health issues, and many years of prayer without breakthrough, the enemy had convinced me that God could not possibly love me enough if He hasn’t healed me. Subconsciously I have been carrying around this feeling of unworthiness for so many years. So I began to really seek a sense of God’s Love during Ramp. Within the first week, I started experiencing God’s Love in more tangible ways than I ever thought I would or could. Even during the really hard moments health wise, as I continued to seek Him, praise Him and read His word I could actually feel Him wrapping His arms around me and engulfing me in His great love for me. And I know now that i‎t is through my understanding of His great love for me that my healing will come.

Fear and sadness – Anonymous

I was working in a home for the mentally handicapped. There was a woman that had recently moved in to the home. She was upset, crying, and very afraid. She was begging me for help. I taught her how to pray and then I prayed for her. After praying, she gave me a hug and thanked me. She was visibly different and much more at peace and settled.

Inner Healing – Anonymous

I prayed for a woman this weekend for inner healing and after praying for her she said, “I feel a peace like I’ve never felt before.”